YouTube To Compete With iTunes 9 in iPhone App Arrangement *VIDEO*

itunes-9-socialFirst, let me say that I’ve got a video showing the possible iPhone App Management that will be featured in the iTunes 9.0 release below – so keep reading down to watch that. is a new desktop application for Mac OSX 10.5 that looks like it will allow you to completely manage your iPhone Apps.

Sounds convenient enough, but the catch is that your iPhone needs to be jailbroken!

That’s right – your iPhone needs to be jailbroken to use this application.  See the image below from their website:


This sounds like it would have a very difficult time ever hitting the mainstream of iPhone users because – not to state the obvious – most iPhones are not jailbroken.

The other main concern that I have for movement is the upcoming iTunes 9.0 release.

Here is a video of the iTunes 9.0 iPhone App management:

iTunes 9.0 is supposedly going to have iPhone App Management directly integrated, making it super easy to manage all of your iPhone apps.  And of course, with iTunes you won’t need a jailbroken iPhone!

Anyway, you can check out and they also have a developers blog if you want to try and extract more information.

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