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The Google Dance – How To Not Care If Google Updates Their Algorithm

google-page-rankIf Google were to update their algorithm (the calculation that determines your rankings in the search results) would you care?

If you answered “yes”, then I have some simple advice for you as to how you can position yourself to not care, and to actually sleep good at night regardless of whether an update from Google is happening or not.

When Google updates their algorithm, this is sometimes referred to as The Google Dance.  A phrase that describes the calculation that determines website rankings in Google search results as getting all shook up!

However, you can put yourself at ease by following the simple rules below.  Because if you follow these rules, you are legetimately producing content on the web that is link worthy, which means you are building links the right way, and you aren’t doing anything shady (or black hat).

And by following the rules of SEO, you will actually find yourself in favor with the search engines, as opposed to out of favor with them.

If you aren’t following the rules below, then you are probably stressing out along with everyone else whenever Google updates their aglorithm.

Here’s some simple rules that will cause you to not care about Google updating their algorithm:

  1. Have a blog that either you, or someone else you’ve designated, actually produces original content – not scraped, or reproduced content.
  2. Don’t buy links or take part in link farms.  In other words, don’t do anything that artificially, or manually builds links back to your site.
  3. Legitamitely link out to resourceful content that is complimentary to the content on your page.
  4. Don’t stuff keywords in your meta tags (title, keyword, description).
  5. Don’t write page content for a search engine, instead write for your audience and add value to those who actually take the time to visit your site

I can’t think of any more at this point, but I’m sure there are a lot more that we can add to this list.  How about you, can you think of any more to add?  Just add them in the comments section.

It would be safe to say that if you followed these simple rules, not only would you not have to care about any Google updates, but you would actually in fact rank higher, generate a growing stream of traffic, and actually profit from the traffic that comes to your site.

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Hi Robert,

Like your points here, especially about simply creating original, valuable content, and writing for humans rather than the Search Engines. Keeping the keyword density within your actual content to a natural level is also one to bear in mind.


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