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How To Add Multiple Admins To Facebook Fan Pages

** NOTE: To add only one admin to your Facebook Fan Page, you can read this article here.

I’ve been asked this question several times from  clients:

How do you add multiple admins (page administrators) to Facebook Fan Pages?”

I’m going to walk you through the very simple process of adding multiple admins to your Facebook Fan Page.  There is no limit on the number of admins your page can have; however, at the end of my steps, I’m going to give you a couple things to consider when it comes to admins on Facebook Fan Pages.

Here’s how to add multiple admins to your Facebook Fan Pages:

1) In order to add an admin, the person must first be a “fan” of your Facebook Fan Page.  So step 1 would be ensuring that whomever you desire to be an admin, make sure they go ahead and become a fan by click the “Become a Fan” button at the top of your Fan Page.

2) Click “See All” link that is right above your list of fans.  This is the link so that you can see all of your page’s fans.

3) Once your list of fans opens, you will then see the box called “Make Admin” to the right of each person’s name.  Go through your list of fans and chose whom you’d like to be a page admin.

4) Once someone is a Facebook Fan Page Admin, they will be able to access the page, and make broadcast updates, implement changes to the page, and remove fans from the page.

*** Here’s some things to consider about having page admins:

*  (SEE A SOLUTION TO THIS BELOW)  Let’s say you made me an admin to your page.  If I came to your page and made a comment, or “liked/disliked” something, or engaged in a conversation with someone, you wouldn’t see my Facebook Profile (personal profile) image next to all of my updates – you would see the image to your Fan Page.

This means that admins on a fan page can only interact as the fan page, not as their personal Facebook profile – meaning their personal profile image won’t show, only the Facebook Fan Page image.

*  Facebook Fan Page Admins have the ability to remove fans from a page.  So be careful in whom you chose to be an admin as they may be biased and remove fans causing you to have less of a viral marketing effect with your broadcast messages.

*  Facebook Page Admins have the ability to make other fans admins as well.  Again, be careful whom you chose considering that whoever is a Page Admin, could always make any other fan a page admin as well.

*  Finally, one way we’ve worked effectively with multiple Facebook Fan Page admins is by having the admin add a “Hi, ****** here…” and then proceed with the update.

Again, since page admins aren’t able to communiciate as their individual / personal Facebook profile, adding this “Hi, this is ****” or something like that, to the beginning of your update on the Fan Page will help all of your fans keep straight who they are communicating with.

Any questions about Facebook Fan Pages, coaching, or consulting, don’t hesitate to give me a call at 706-363-0335 (my name is Robert).

13 replies on “How To Add Multiple Admins To Facebook Fan Pages”

Man, how do I remove the original owner of the FanPage. For example, I made a FanPage, but I dont want it anymore, but a friend of mine does, so I want to eliminate my admin pass for ever, couse he is already an admin. But he nor me can remove myself from the admins page. Can you help me?

Hi NES, I do not believe that it is possible for the creator of a page to be removed as the admin.

Thanks for commenting, and let me know if you find some other way!

Thanks again…

Hi Robert.
this is a bit of a problem (not being able to remove fan page creator from admins). I created a page for an organisation I'm loosely involved with, only because no one else had the time or knowhow. Now I'm stuck with it.
Can facebook do anything about this – other admins can be added and removed – why not the page creator? I cannot see why it should be difficult?

Hi BAM – unfortunately, the creator of a page cannot be removed, nor can the "ownership" be transferred. Unless, or course, Facebook intervened and made the changes on your behalf. The only option a creator has is to actually delete the page. But that might not be an option for you.

I suppose, as an alternative, you could try to have one of the existing admins try to remove you from the page. Have you tried that?

Yes Robert I have. Apparently there is no ‘remove admin’ button next to my name.
The alternatives are (1) start again with a new fan page – rather unthinkable since lots of documents have been created as notes (2) I delete my facebook identity. What would happen then – would the fan page cease to exist?

Surely people being forced to delete their facebook identities in order to unlink themselves to a fan page, would be unwelcome to facebook; therefore why not do something about it? It can’t be that hard. There is an ‘owner’ of the fan page – a not for profit organisation – but the owner is not the person who set the page up. Surely facebook can stretch its imagination around that one?

What would it take to get facebook to intervene?

Hello Robert and everyone reading ,

I have an urgent question :

i ask because I found a page on me with uncorrect infos, personal dates ( adress , bank account, s*xual comments etc.) . I want to remove it .

Unfortunately I can´t see who´s the actual administrator ??!

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