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Putting Twitter & Facebook To Work For Your Business

Twitter and Facebook are what everyone’s talking about these days.  From connecting to friends on Facebook, to broadcasting yourself in 140 characters or less on Twitter, these social media phenomena’s are sweeping the world’s attention!

However, there’s another critical piece to Twitter and Facebook.  And that is the role they play in the marketing aresonal for business.

I’m going to give a brief overview of how I see Twitter and Facebook going to work for your business.


Twitter is a broadcasting tool.  You send out messages to followers, and those followers get to read what you’re saying.  Of course, those followers can reply and send you direct messages, but Twitter is not very conducive to engaging a conversation in that manner.

The powerful marketing angle for Twitter is that your followers are voluntary!  Which means, they’ve made a choice to receive your broadcast messages.

And because they’ve made a “choice” to follow you, your business now has the power of “permission based marketing” – that is, sending your message to those who actually want to hear from you.

It’s the permission based factor that makes Twitter a powerful marketing force for any business.


Just like Twitter, your Facebook Fan Page builds followers.  Except on Facebook, these followers are called “Fans”.

But in the same way people become followers of your business on Twitter, they likewise become “Fans” of your business on Facebook.

And just like Twitter, Facebook delivers the powerful element of “permission based” marketing for a business – sending out your business message to those who actually want to hear from you!

The major way Facebook departs from Twitter

The main difference – and this is a big one – between Facebook and Twitter is that on Facebook, you can easily engage in a conversation with your followers (or Fans).

Facebook allows easy commenting, replying, and embedding of media.  This interactive element on Facebook makes it a powerful marketing force for any business because now you can actually engage in a conversation with your audience, prospects, and customers.

Both Facebook and Twitter are powerful marketing tools for business.  If you haven’t launched a social media campaign for your business, now is the time to get started!

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