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How To Expose Your Business In Twitter

081123twitterilloEvery business owner wants their products and services to get attention!

Attention attracts more attention, and this leads to people talking about your business to others, which is ultimately what you want.

But you have to first get attention for this cycle to get started.  And I believe Twitter is one of the best places to get the kind of attention you want for your business.

More and more people are using Twitter search.  Go to Twitter’s homepage and what do you see?  You see a big search bar staring at you waiting for you to type in your query.

And Twitter search holds the keys to giving your business a high level of targeted exposure!

Here’s how to leverage Twitter, and Twitter’s search engine, to expose your business to the right audience of prospects:

1) Understand that Twitter search is a lot like Google.  People search for content that meets their needs, interests, desires, and answers questions.

2) Twitter search displays results according to keyword matches in the 140 character updates.

3) Keyword research:  you need to know what keyword phrases your customers are using to find what you offer.

4) Make daily update on Twitter ensuring that your keyword phrases are present within your Tweets (140 character max. updates).

If you follow the 4 steps above, then your business will be connecting to more prospects, and generating more sales as a result.  It’s important to understand the relevance of Twitter search, and social media as a whole.

Start interacting on Twitter, and start producing updates using keyword phrases that target your specific business, and you’ll soon see your efforts pay off!

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