*Video* Microsoft Bing Adds Visual Search- and it’s cool even…

bing-visual-searchMicrosoft just launched a new element to their surprisingly popular Bing search engine called Visual Search (see video demo below).

Different than image search (see Google’s image search), Visual Search follows the philosophy that Microsoft established from the beginning with Bing – to be a “decision engine” moreso than a standard search engine.

First, I’ve been playing around with Visual Search and I think it’s an awesome tool – try it out here and see some screen shots I took below.

Second, I think this is a move that might just put Google into “reaction” mode in trying to figure out how to come back with a similar feature.

Here’s a screen shot I took of the top 10 Free iPhone Apps from Bing’s Visual Search:


And here’s a video / demo of Bing’s Visual Search at TechCruch50 by Yusef Mehdi from Microsoft:

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