The #1 Way To Boost Your Web Site Traffic

If you’re like most businesses with a website, you are probably always wondering how you can boost your web site traffic.  Here’s the #1 way to boost your web site traffic and exposure, and ultimately convert more of those visitors into paying customers.

Build a blog and write smartly!

First, let me ask… is smartly even a word?  Not sure.

But you get the point I think.

A blog is without a doubt the best long term – AND FREE – solution to increase your online traffic.  Why?

Because Google favors freshly updated content which is easy to produce from a blog.

Now how about the writing smartly part?

Here’s the biggest take a way from this post.  It’s not just having a blog, but it’s all about how you write your articles and what keyword phrases you use in your titles.

The titles of your blog are what’s called the <h1> tags of a web page.  This is the biggest factor that is going to initially determine your rankings in Google.

Also, the <h1> tag, or the title of your blog post, is what’s seen in the Google search results and it’s what people will actually click to get to your site.  Here’s what I’m talking about:


It’s the blue, clickable area that’s the actually title tag of your blog post.

And as I mentioned, it’s the most critical element to getting top rankings in Google and increased traffic to your website.

You must use targeted keyword phrases in your titles.

Now if you do some good keyword research, and build a list of phrases around your market and your products, then you’ll be on your way to dominating your market.

Using a good keyword tool like WordTracker or Google’s free keyword tool, are great ways to find hidden opportunities for you to produce great, keyword targeted content.

Here’s the take a way:

The best way to boost your web site traffic is to implement a blog.  This might mean rebuilding your website on a blogging platform like WordPress.  Regardless, you have to implement a blog if you expect to realistically increase traffic.

Do keyword research and start building your content around your niche keyword phrases that are people are actually typing into Google, and ensure that you include them in your post titles.

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