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Link Directly To Sites As Your Search In Google

google-suggestion-query-mobile-iphoneGoogle Query Suggestion Links

I was searching for a Athens Regional Medical Center this morning in Google and I noticed about half way through the word “regional”, as I was typing in the Google search bar, a link to their website appeared below in the Google Query Suggestion element. (see image below)

I’ve known that Google Query Suggestion has been around for a while but this is my first time noticing and using the suggestion link and I though it was very useful.

This feature is also available on mobile phones and iPhones – you read an article on Matt Cutt’s blog about using it on the iPhone.

It’s like cutting out the middle man – instead of searching > going to the search results > then clicking on the results link, you can now click on site directly in the suggestion element that unfolds below as you type your query.

I took a screen shot of what I saw as I was typing – and then I simply clicked the link you see below the search bar and I was taken to the site:


This is all part of the Google Suggestion Query, and here’s what snippet of what Google has to say about this feature and why it’s helpful:

To pick a suggestion, just click it.

Why it’s helpful

  • Rest your fingers.
    Need to do a big search on a tiny keyboard? Suggestions come in real-time, so typing [ great w ] and clicking ‘great wall of china’ is faster and easier than typing it out.
  • Catch a mistake.
    Did you mean: Melbourne Australia? Start searching for [ melborn ], say, and Google Suggest will offer more common spellings for what you might be trying to find.
  • Skip a page; save some time.
    If Google detects that a specific site is relevant to the search you’re typing, we’ll provide a link straight to it, so you don’t have to wait for the search results page. If a link is to a site in our adversiter network, it’ll appear in a colored box labeled ‘Sponsored Link.’
  • Repeat a favorite search.
    If you’re signed in to your Google Account and have Web History enabled, we may show some suggestions based on searches you’ve done in the past. You can tell a suggestion is from your history if it has a Remove link next to it.

To learn more about Google Suggestion Query, and how to turn it on or off, visit their page.

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