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Want To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page? Try A Billboard…

facebook-billboard-advertisingAre you trying to find creative ways to promote and drive traffic to your Facebook Fan Page?

How about using a billboard on the highway?

That’s what a northern Wisconsin community is doing in an effort draw visitors to their area.

The Forest County Chamber of Commerce had a billboard placed on Highway 32 to advertise its Facebook Fan Page and the billboard is using basic “call to action” strategies to get people to “Become a Friend of Crandon.”

Chamber President Mike Gruett says motel bookings have increased 12 percent since the Facebook page was created last spring. He says the number of “friends” has tripled to nearly 700 since the billboard went up in early September.  [source: Chicago Tribune]

If all things go well with their Facebook Fan Page and the billboard strategy, then apparently a billboard for their Twitter profile is next!

I think I like the idea of launching a billboard for your Facebook Fan Page.  Especially in their case where their customer is isolated to a specific geographic area.

And I can gaurantee you one thing – a billboard that advertises your Facebook Fan Page is not something you see everyday, so people are certainly talking around Forest County, Wisconsin and as it goes with smaller towns, word spreads quickly!

So not only would the billboard be driving traffic and increasing fans their Facebook Page, but “word of mouth” is achieving a viral marketing effect!

All from a billboard on the side of a highway – go figure…

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