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How To: 3 Ways To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

increase-web-site-trafficIncrease Targeted Web Site Traffic

If you have a business, product, or service then more than likely these days you have a website.  Whether it be a blog, website, page, or whatever, you probably have some sort of presence on the web.

But also if you’re like most businesses on the web, you are looking for ways to increase targeted web site traffic.  Below are 3 tips for dramatically increasing targeted web site traffic, connecting to high quality prospects, and building a strong online presence for your business.

1)  Start a blog. This sounds like an elementary piece of advice at first.  But if you realized that Google favored sites that produced fresh content on a regular basis, then your perception of a blog should change quickly.

Also, if you realize that search (Google search) represents the most profitable referral traffic for your business, coupled with the fact that Google favors freshly updated content, then I’d find a way to write as much content in my blog as possible.

Search represents high quality referral traffic for a business because of “intent”.  This means, if someone is actively typing in a search phrase, looking for a solution, or exploring information about your business, product, or service, doesn’t it then make sense that that person would be a high quality prospect for you to connect with?  I think so…

And starting a blog that produces regularly updated content is a powerful, AND FREE solution for your business to start increasing highly targeted web traffic.

2)  Use
Twitter to send referral traffic. Twitter is a very powerful platform for increasing traffic to your site.  Especially when you consider the viral effect that Twitter can produce.  Let’s say you just wrote an article in your blog, and you posted a tweet about it on Twitter with a link to your blog posting, and then someone who has 500 friends “re-tweeted” your tweet posting, then 500 other people just got exposed to your blog posting and link.

Also, within your blog postings, you can include a “Twitter” button so that people who are on your blog reading your article have a fast, easy way to send your blog posting to all of the their followers.  And then if just one of that person’s followers retweeted the post, your article just got exposed to an entire mass of people that you don’t realize – as you can see, this is the viral marketing impact of Twitter and it can send a huge wave of traffic to your site.

3) Traffic your content and build upon what’s working. Your blog absolutely needs to have Google Analytics installed so that you track all of the traffic that comes to your site.  Over time, you’ll be able to see trends occurring such as what are the most popular blog postings, what keyword phrases are people searching in Google to find your site, etc…

These “analytics” provide invaluable feedback to you as a site owner.  For example, my site here at Social Media SEO brings in a lot of traffic from people interested in Facebook Fan Pages.  Since I know this from my analytics, it only makes sense for me to build upon that foundation and write more articles about how to benefit from, and use a Facebook Fan Page.

Actually, I should have named this article “4 ways to increase traffic” because a Facebook Fan Page would be #4.  But, I called it only 3 ways and I’ll stick to that for now.

In my honest opinion, I still find Twitter as a more valuable source for attracting web traffic than a Facebook Fan Page.  But don’t get me wrong, a Facebook Page is valuable – but maybe for different reasons other than sending referral traffic to your site.

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