Google Wants To Educate You About Browsers

whatbrowser-org-googleGoogle has launched a new site today called

There seems to be only one purpose for this site, initially anyway, and that is to educate you about what a browser is, what it does, and how it works.

However, I’m thinking that if Google is launching this “educational” effort, then there must be a reason – right?

My guess is this – the more people learn about browsers, the more likely they’ll think that Google has the best browser on the market.  So let’s provide everyone with a lot of information about all the browsers that are out there, and then you’ll be able to make the obvious conclusion that Google’s Chrome browser is superior.

I could be wrong – you never know.  After all, it is Google and they are prone to just educating people for the sake of education.

I think on maybe even a deeper level is the fact that eventually laptops will have not only a Google Chrome browser, but also a Google Chrome operating system.  And may be the initial campaign of getting people conformatable with the Google Chrome concept.

Here’s a promo video for

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