5 Tips To Faster Internet Speeds

Before attempting to increase the speed of an internet connection, it helps to download a speed tester that can give an indication of how fast the connection is in general. With this reading, testing can be done for increases and … Continued

I Just Don’t Get It, Microsoft!!??

I’m so perplexed right now that my head is spinning! Microsoft released the latest version of Internet Explorer – IE9 – but there are so many stipulations, and so much drama, associated with it that I’m baffled… quite frankly, baffled. … Continued

Firefox Beats Internet Explorer, Now #1 Browser in Europe

For the first time ever, Mozilla’s Firefox has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the #1 web browser in Europe. According to StatCounter, a web analytics firm, Firefox dominated with a 38.11% web browser market share while Internet Explorer came in … Continued