Microsoft’s Claims About Project Spartan Browser Proven False

Microsoft has launched the beta version of its new browser codenamed “Project Spartan” with high claims that it will remove all the problems and sloppy behaviors which were the trademark of Internet Explorer. Spartan is only available for the latest build of Windows 10 technical preview. Unfortunately, Spartan has failed to impress. Although this may seem as an early speculation, but the beta version is enough to depict the path which the software will take. An article on Laptop Mag said that Project Spartan browser was tested along with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. Spartan failed pretty badly. It has a content view problem. It does not auto-adjust with your screen and if you zoom or cover up space on your screen with extra toolbars, you will have a difficulty in seeing the content.

However, the project Spartan passed the famous SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark by getting the second position. As expected, Google Chrome got the first position. SunSpider test is the best benchmark test to check the speed of any web application because it checks for the JavaScript commands and most of the modern web apps and software run javascript.

Spartan failed the test for HTML5, the key factor in testing the performance of any browser. IE is far better than Spartan in HTML5, but surprisingly, FireFox wins in graphics rendering and content spacing test.

Microsoft will have to work a lot on its new browser, otherwise this would be another embarrassment for the Redmond giant.

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