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Facebook Goes After Snapchat and Vine With Its New Riff App for 20 Second Videos

Facebook has launched an app for iOS and Android which allows you to make 20 second quick videos and share them with your friends. The is a clear effort to go after Vine and Snapchat, which are also based on the same idea. The new app is called Riff. But Riff has something more interesting which could imbibe attention of millennials and give Vine a run for its money. Riff works on an editable model, which means that your friends could add more clips upon your posted video. So for example, if you have posted a 10 seconds clip in the morning on anything, your friends could add some related clips on the same topic.

Josh Miller from Facebook’s creative labs says that the idea of this video apps was first generated from last year’s viral ‘Ice Bucket’ Challenge. Facebook saw a huge influx of videos and noted that people are more interested in watching and sharing short videos instead of photos. Facebook is also beefing up its video ads business. It recently launched a feature which will let the publishers to embed Facebook video. It is taking on Vine, Google’s Youtube and Snapchat with these endeavors.

You can also embed your videos with a single Riff video to make them longer. So if your friend has posted a 20 second Riff video, you can extend it and add up your own 20 second video to make it a ‘story’, just like the stories feature in Snapchat.

Facebook says that it would soon allow embedding Riff videos outside of Facebook on different platforms.

You can download Riff for iOS and Android.

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