Google Chrome 10 Beta, Browsing At The Speed of Thought

The title actually reminds of a book I read by Bill Gates back in the late 90’s called Business at the Speed of Thought.

In that book, Gates described a paperless society in which computer systems would be managing all of the menial tasks that people “used” to do by hand.

I’m starting think that, as ironic as it may be, Google is leading the way in bringing Bill Gates’ vision into reality.

Google just released their Chrome beta 10 browser and it is lickity split fast!

With a new speed boost that we previewed in December, Chrome’s JavaScript engine V8 runs compute-intensive JavaScript applications even more quickly than before. In fact, this beta release sports a whopping 66% improvement on the V8 benchmark suite over our current stable release.

Another interesting feature that the new Chrome browser brings to the table is synced passwords.

This means, you can sync your passwords for sites that require logins across multiple computers simply by logging into the Chrome browser.

Here’s a graph that Google provided with their announcement of Chrome beta 10:

chrome beta 10

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