5 Tips To Faster Internet Speeds

fast internet speed

Before attempting to increase the speed of an internet connection, it helps to download a speed tester that can give an indication of how fast the connection is in general. With this reading, testing can be done for increases and decreases in speed. A speed tester can also indicate if a connection speed is already at its maximum for the highspeed internet connection type and provider.

Tip 1:  Take Care Of Your Router

First of all, the wireless router and the condition of a wireless network can have a big impact on a person’s internet connection speed. Certain routers have better performance and range than others, so it is important to do some research when choosing which router to buy.

The range of the wireless router, as well as any obstacles such as walls or doors can have an effect on a router’s connection, so it should not be too far away, or have too many solid objects to pass through. It is important to make sure that a router is clearly transmitting its signal, so it should not be near devices that emit signals such as wireless phones.

The security of a wireless network can have a big impact upon internet connection speed as well. If unauthorized users are tapping into a network, it will slow it down, so simply having a network securely protected from outside sources is essential to faster connection speeds.

Tip 2:  Keep Your Computer Cache Cleared

The second tip is to keep clearing the computer’s cache. Keeping the computer clean is a good way to increase internet speed. Every time a website is visited, the computer’s RAM and hard drive will save certain images that allow it to load the pages quicker the next time the site is visited.

This cache system is meant to help increase internet loading time. However, as more and more websites are visited, the cache can begin to slow down the computer. Therefore, either clearing a cache altogether, or eliminating files related to sites that are no longer visited can help web users obtain faster internet speeds.

Tip 3:  Get Rid of Resource Sucking Applications

Certain applications can be a factor in slow internet speeds as well. The third tip is to keep an eye on these programs. Often, software will automatically update in the background, without a user being immediately informed. By keeping an eye on what certain programs are doing, users can keep track of automatic updates, and by either choosing to wait for the program to update, or commanding the program to hold off on updating until later, faster connection speeds can be achieved.

Furthermore, many applications will run quietly in the background without the user knowing. Peer to peer software, for example, will often continue uploading and downloading files even when the program has been exited. Many applications have hidden processes that can slow down the performance of a computer. Being sure that these programs are completely disabled while using the internet can be another excellent way to increase speed.

Tip 4:  Chose The Right Browser (Like Chrome)

Another tip concerns which web browser is being used. The web browser is a major factor in how quickly a person’s internet connection speed is. Different web browsing programs have differing strengths and weaknesses. Some are geared towards quick browsing, while others specialize in the integration of programs such as social networking or media software.

No matter what web browser is chosen, though, it won’t matter if it isn’t kept up to date, as newer browsers will load pages quicker than older ones. In order to maximize the efficiency of a web browser it is important to check for updates often. Updated software will not increase the speed of the internet connection itself, but does increase the speed at which pages can be viewed.

I personally recommend you use Google Chrome.  It is by far the fastest, most efficient web browser available.  Some people will say that Firefox is the best.  However, I’m afraid that most of that camp probably hasn’t tried Google Chrome.  I can open and close Chrome 5 times before Firefox loads once on my computer.

I’m just saying…

Tip 5:  Chose The Right Internet Provider

The last tip for obtaining higher internet speeds is to simply go with a new internet provider. A person with dial up internet can only achieve a certain amount of speed. Upgrading to a better type of internet service can help, but the provider can be just as much of a factor.

The further away a connection is from the source of its provider, the slower the connection will be. Looking around for not only the best deals, but also for the best location is of major importance in increasing the speed of an internet connection. Before abandoning a provider all together, though, it can sometimes help to get in touch with customer support to see if there is any possible way to increase the connection speed without having to drop them.

Often times, small interferences can go unnoticed, and as a provider is in a competitive business, they should be more than happy to lend some sort of help to those in need.

Have more tips that we missed?

So what about you?  Are there other tips that you’ve found that improve the internet speed and and efficiency of your computer?

Share your tips in the comments below.

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