I Just Don’t Get It, Microsoft!!??

I’m so perplexed right now that my head is spinning!

Microsoft released the latest version of Internet Explorer – IE9 – but there are so many stipulations, and so much drama, associated with it that I’m baffled… quite frankly, baffled.

Internet Explorer 9 will not work on Windows XP machines.

Doesn’t Microsoft know that nearly 40% of all PC’s are still running XP?

Doesn’t Microsoft know that Firefox 4 has been burying it in download numbers during the first 24 hours of release.

Doesn’t Microsoft realize that both Google Chrome and Firefox are compatible on Windows XP and above?

Doesn’t Microsoft know that both Google Chrome and Firefox are also available on Macs?

Again, I just don’t get it…

What’s the strategy with releasing a web browser that is only compatible on Windows Vista and 7 machines, and neglecting nearly half of the PC market?

The level and proportionate explosion of “FAIL” at Microsoft is unprecedented and someone – perhaps the shareholders – should fire all existing officers at the company for letting this madness continue.