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*Update* Google & Verizon Sign A Deal For Android

google-verizon-android-dealEarlier today I wrote about some news stating that Google and Verizon were scheduled to have a conference call, but the details of the call weren’t yet solified.

It was speculated that the call would center around a Google / Verizon partnership for the Android system (Google’s mobile phone operating system).

**UPDATE** is now reporting about a “Ground breaking agreement Between Verizon Wireless and Google to Leverage High-Speed Network & Open Android Platform for Wireless Innovation”.

“Verizon Wireless and Google(TM) today announced a strategic partnership that will leverage the Verizon Wireless network and the best of the Android(TM) open platform to deliver leading-edge mobile applications, services and devices.

Both companies view this agreement as an opportunity to offer consumers an array of products that combine the speed of the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G network with the flexibility of the Android mobile platform.

Integral to this agreement is a commitment by the companies to devote substantial resources to accelerate delivery of leading-edge innovation that will put unique applications in the hands of consumers quickly. The two industry leaders will create, market and distribute products and services, with Verizon Wireless also contributing the breadth of its nationwide distribution channels. Consumers will be able to purchase products resulting from the collaboration in Verizon Wireless retail and online stores.” [source:]

The Challenge To The iPhone

I see this as a major challenge to the iPhone since they are currently exclusive to AT&T carrier.  And there is certainly no shortage of discontent with AT&T from customers – dropped calls, hidden fees, the lack of “open source” type of environment.

In fact, if I know Google even a little bit, they will always chose a partnership that believes in open source, open community, and open / free access to information and collaboration – obviously, Google believes Verizon is the best partnership for this…. not AT&T.

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