It Can’t Get Much Simplier Than This, Can It?

google-plain-white-searchHave you seen the newest homepage! (see an image below)

All of the text and links have been removed, so when loads, there is nothing but the Google logo, a search bar, and the two buttons that are “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky“.

I think this is a strong statement from Google on just how important, and how much of cornerstone, their search product is.  It’s so important, they are willing to shed every other distracting link to get you type in a new search.

To get all the links to show back up, all you have to do is move your mouse a little bit and the links will jump right back on the page.  But from the time loads, until you take an action with your mouse, the screen is pure white with a branded logo, and blinking icon waiting for you to type your search!

Here’s the an image of the Google white out homepage:


There have been times – actually lots of times, where this didn’t work.  And it doesn’t necessarily always work in all browsers.

You’ll just have to keep trying by going to from different browsers until you get the white screen!

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