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Google Wave Users Get Support via Twitter

customer-service-via-twitterPerhaps Twitter will find it’s maximum utility in helping businesses provide customer service.  And amazingly, we are seeing this unfold directly with Google Wave.

I follow Steph Hannon, a Google Wave Engineer, on Twitter (@twephanie).  And about 6 hours ago she received a question from @milleniumfoxx asking “is there a way to wrap the toolbar controls?”

And then about 4 hours later, Steph Hannon directly responded to the question through her Twitter profile.

Here’s the full dialogue that, in picture, that took place between Steph Hannon and @milliumfoxx:



This looks like a great customer service model for all businesses to follow.  Here you have a new Google Wave user getting support directly from a Google Wave engineer – I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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