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I Think TechCrunch Is Wrong…

techcrunch_iphoneTechCrunch is one of my all time favorite sites on the web, and yesterday they had a great article about how you can access Google Wave on your iPhone right now – without needing an invite from Google.

This is what TechCrunch said in there article:

“There are two ways to get Google Wave to work on your iPhone. The first way is to simply go to in mobile Safari on your iPhone. It warns you that you are not using a browser supported during the preview, but if you click through, it works pretty well.”

So as an iPhone owner, I was pretty excited about this, until I opened by Safari browser, typed in” and got the following screen (which is the same I get on my desktop when I try to login):


So if anyone has any insight into why I can’t access Google Wave on my iPhone, even though TechCrunch is saying it’s possible – I would greatly appreciate the help.

Perhaps it’s because I have the 1st generation version from about 2 years ago – not sure though.

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