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Have A Slow Internet Connection? Try Facebook Lite

facebook-liteDo you have a slow Internet connection?  Dial perhaps, or maybe just a really slow cable or DSL line?  If so, then you’ve probably had your share of frustrations on sites like Facebook!

Why?  Because sites like Facebook, and other popular social networks, utilize a lot of flash and javascript.  These are web elements that are designed with high speed connections in mind – not dial up.

So what’s someone to do?  You love Facebook, but your Internet connection keeps you from truly enjoying the interaction of your family and friends.

Introducing Facebook Lite – a scaled down, watered down, and stripped down version of Facebook designed with you in mind!  Facebook lite a recreated version of Facebook, by Facebook, so that people with VERY slow Internet connections can utilize the social networking site.

In fact, Facebook Lite is designed with the objective of bringing the social networking site to third world countries.  Facebook desires to help even the most remote civilations to engage the rest of the world on the web; an ambitious endeavor indeed.

Just go to and check it out!

Let us know your thoughts about Facebook Lite, and the potential social implications this can have in our world, below in the comments!

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