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Apple Gets Serious About Twitter

apple-twitter-profiles-apple-on-twitter copyApple is typically a company that hides in the shadows, has strategic marketing strategies for product releases, and always prefers the “quit yet powerful” disposition – right?

Well, I think we can throw that perception out the window because they – being Apple – now not only has a presence on Twitter, but they’ve come out strong with 5 Twitter profiles!  That’s right, Apple has 5 Twitter profiles…

I would say that constitutes a strong desire to be on Twitter.

Here’s the 5 Twitter profiles from Apple (that I know of so far anyway):

I think the profile names are quite obvious and you can figure out which which profile relates to what Twitter product or service.

Some of these profiles only have one update, yet others are highly active.  And all of them are either following 4 other people (the other Twitter profiles) or at the most, 12 other profiles.

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