How To: Get More Fans On Your Facebook Fan Page

socia-media-seo-call-to-action-facebook-fan-page-1Facebook Fan Page Strategies

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, then you are probably wondering what are some easy ways to increase fans?

You’d be surprised as to how much traffic your Facebook Fan Page gets each day!  With 300 million Facebook users, plus Facebook Fan Pages are now crawled and indexed in Google search results, your Facebook Fan Page can easily be getting more traffic then even your long standing website!

Converting More Fans

However, the problem with most Facebook Fan Pages is they are not optimized for maximum fan conversion.  What I mean by Facebook Fan conversion is getting new visitors to your Facebook Fan Page to click the “Become A Fan” button – which of course, is what makes them become a new fan of your Page.

Custom Landing Page / Landing Tab

Creating A Call To Action Element

One of the most effective ways to convert new visitors to your Facebook Fan Page into “Fans” is by building a custom landing page / landing tab.

Each Fan Page has tabs long the top that represent different pages within your Facebook Page.  With custom integration, you can have a custom made tab – and a custom made image on that page – that acts as a “Call To Action” to all new visitors to your page to become a fan.

The “Call To Action” Element:

This is the custom call to action I’ve built for my own Social Media SEO Facebook Fan Page.

Click here if you’re not already a fan.

Once you click the link above, you’ll be taken to my Facebook Fan Page.  But you should have noticed that instead of going to the wall tab of the page, you will taken to a “Call To Action” tab in my page.

This “Call To Action” of course encourages all new visitors to become a fan.

And for those that are already a “Fan” of my page, they will be taking to wall tab instead of the “Call To Action” tab.

Here’s an example “Call To Action” element:


The Benefits of A “Call To Action” Element

Having the “call to action” element on your Facebook Fan Page allows you to send all new visitors to this tab first – before they get to your wall.

People are moving fast and browsing when they’re online.  And if you send people first to the invitation to become a fan, then you’re much more likely to get that person to become a fan of your Facebook Page.

Sending new visitors to your wall can quickly divert their attention away from the “Become A Fan” button, and they are very likely to leave without becoming a fan.

Learn More

We’ve been helping clients quite a bit lately set up custom “Call To Action” elements for their Facebook Fan Pages.  And with great success as well!

We don’t have any solid figures yet, but having a “Call To Action” landing tab will dramatically increase your “Fan” conversion rates.

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