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Facebook Connect – Turn Old, Static Websites Into New Social Media Machines

facebook-connectOld, Static Websites

One of the most frustrating things for me as a consulting in today’s day of the web is to see people grasping – with everything they got – to old, static websites.

Most of the websites I see haven’t been updated in the past year or more!  The pictures, videos, email links, everything about these sites are just old and stale – no activity whatsoever.

Sound familiar?  I could very easily be describing your website!

Out With The Old – In With The New

You would be surprised what a couple of quick, strategic changes to your website could do for both your traffic and your business!

Imagine if you’ve had the same old static website for the past 3 years, haven’t updated one single time, but suddenly you were able to turn it into a social media marketing machine?  Would you be interested in hearing how that’s possible?

Introducing Facebook Connect

From the Facebook Connect information page, here’s what Facebook could do for your site.

Best of all, the Facebook Connect applications are FREE!  So there’s really no excuse for you to start implementing some of these applications from Facebook, and see traffic to your website like you’ve never seen before!

What are the benefits of implementing Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect delivers a number of benefits, including:


Enable over 300 million Facebook users to share your content with their friends on Facebook. Let users publish a story, invite their friends, or send an event. Their friends then click back to your site.


Users can immediately find their friends and engage. More friends leads to more activity and more page views. Connected users create 15-60% more content than users who have not connected with Facebook Connect.


Every website wants registration to be easy. We have 300 million users, simple registration, and robust data. By increasing traffic, user engagement, and registrations, you can grow your revenue and increase monetization opportunities.

Learn More About Facebook Connect Apps

The integration of Facebook Connect can be as simple as adding a snippet of code, to as difficult as programming an entire application.

Luckily, Facebook has a lot of content to help you with your integration.

Visit the Facebook Connect resources here and start exploring all the possibilities you can integrate into your website.

Finally, if you need direct help with turning your website into a social media marketing machine, feel free to contact me directly.

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