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3 Easy Ways To Find Your Facebook Fan Page

find-facebook-fan-pages-6Finding Your Facebook Fan Page

This may sound menial at first, but you’d be surprised how many times I’m asked “how do I find my Facebook Fan Page?”

And the question is fair indeed because it’s true, finding your Facebook Fan Page can be quite a task at first.  Especially if you haven’t yet set a custom URL for your Fan Page, or if you haven’t bookmarked it in your browser.

Hopefully I can make finding your Facebook Fan Page a whole lot easier for you with these 3 easy steps.  These are the 3 primary ways I tell people everytime I answer the question.  And so since I’ve now answered question A LOT, I figured it was time to write about it.

3 Easy Ways To Find Your Facebook Fan Page

#1  The default loaction of your Fan Page

There is actually a default location for all of your Facebook Fan Pages – both those you’ve created, those you’re an admin of, and also those you are “Fan” of.  This is a set location where you can find all of your associated Facebook Fan Pages.

Here’s how you get to the default location:

1) click “Profile” in the far upper left hand corner of the Facebook screen (of course, make sure you’re logged into Facebook before starting this process.)


2) after clicking “Profile” you should then be taken to your main profile wall.  Next you want to look along the tabs at the top of your profile and click “Info”


3) Once you click “Info” you need to now scroll all the way down to the bottom of your “Info” page.  This is where all of your associated Facebook Fan Pages are located by default.  And if you’re anything like me, then you’ve become a “Fan” of quite a few pages.  So just click the “See All” link to scroll through all the pages you’re associated with, or are a fan of:


#2 Using Facebook Search

The second way I always tell people to quickly find their Facebook Fan Page is by using Facebook’s search engine.  This is sometimes the fastest way because in a lot of cases, the Fan Page you’re looking for will show up in a drop down menu as you’re typing in the name of your Fan Page.

Here’s how to use Facebook search to find your Facebook Fan Page:

1) No matter what page or profile you’re on in Facebook, you should always see the “search” bar in the far upper right hand corner:


2) Type in the name of the Facebook Fan Page you’re looking for, then hit “enter” or the “magnifying glass icon” to search.  As I mentioned, sometimes you may even see the Fan Page pop underneath the search bar as you’re typing:


3) Once you’ve hit “enter” after typing in the name of the page you’re looking for, you should then be taken to the search results page.  On the left hand side of the page, find “Pages”


4) Now you just need to scroll through the search results to find the page you’re looking for!  Can’t find the page you’re looking for?  Trying searching with a different keyword phrase – wash, rinse, repeat…

#3 Adding a Fan Page Banner to your Facebook Profile

This is of course the fastest and easiest way for you, and all of your Facebook friends, to find your Facebook Fan Page.

Adding a Facebook Fan Page banner to your personal Facebook Profile not only makes it super easy (one click) to get to your Fan Page, but it also promotes and drives new traffic to your Fan Page.

Read about adding a Fan Page Banner to your personal Facebook profile page here.

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