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Searches for “Investment Help” On The Rise

investment-helpSearching for “investment help”

If there’s one indicator that can help you determine where things are moving in the future, then search is it.

In my opinion, search is one of the best leading indicators of “things to come”.  And when it comes to the economy, search can tell us a lot about where the health of the economy is moving.

Let’s look at the search phrase “investment help” as one of these examples.

The phrase has been picked up a lot of volume in the past three months, coming off a lull since April of 2009.

Here’s the chart for “investment help”


As you can see, the search volume since July 2009 has increased dramatically in Google.

Some things this chart tells us:

  1. People are seeing the economy as turning around
  2. The financial markets are becoming more stable
  3. Investment in capital markets is about to increase
  4. Stocks are at a huge discount
  5. There is more spendable income in families
  6. The job market is improving
  7. Businesses are willing to invest more capital

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of assumptions based on one chart!

But again, I see search a leading indicator because it represents people’s sentiment about how things are “feeling” right now.  And based on the “now” aspect, people are starting to research “investment help” for near future decisions.

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