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Blackberry and Facebook Fan Pages

blackberry-facebook-fan-page-updateWhat’s Up Blackberry?

Granted, I’m not a Blackberry user, but I have several friends who use the Blackberry and who also have Facebook Fan Pages.

The only way to currently update a Facebook Fan Page from a Blackberry is to go to the mobile web browser (

This might work well when you have a strong 3G connection or are in a wi-fi hot spot.

But it’s definitely cumbersome to try to work on the standard web browser in normal html pages.

What’s frustrating is that Blackberry has not yet released a Facebook Fan Page app!

So I ask again, what’s up with that Blackberry?

Facebook Fan Pages are the hottest thing amongst businesses and brands, and  a lot of these leaders obviously have Blackberry’s.

So being able to update a Facebook Fan Page from a Blackberry, and from within an easy to use app, would be ideal.

What are you thoughts?  Do you have a Blackberry and wish you could download a Facebook Fan Page for easy posting?

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