“Black Friday” Searches in Google Are Increasing *See Graph Below*

black-friday“Black Friday” Search Volume

On Friday, we’ll be exactly 2 weeks away from the shopping frenzy otherwise known as Black Friday.

I didn’t realize this, but Black Friday is such a huge deal, there is actually a Wikipedia page in honor of the shopping day.

What caught my attention though is not the history, tradition, or the deals that can be found on Black Friday – it’s the search volume in Google, and specifically the dramatic increase in the volume of people searching for “Black Friday”.

The Chart Tells It All

Here’s a 30 day chart that shows the search volume in Google for the phrase “Black Friday:


This tells me also that the economy might be heating up a bit as well. People might just have a little bit more than expected shopping money for Christmas, and they are now looking to capitalize on the Black Friday deals.

Or, it could mean the exact opposite – that people are still struggling in this economy and need to find the absolute best deals to just to have some presents for the kids to open.

What do you think? What indicators do you derive from the graph?

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