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Facebook Fan Page Tip – Use “Notes” To Increase Traffic, Exposure, & Fans

facebook-fan-page-notesFacebook Fan Page Notes

There’s this little section that’s part of your Facebook Fan Page called “Notes”.

It’s not a very well known component of Fan Pages because the majority of attention is focused on the wall, and of course, getting more fans.

But let me shed some light on Facebook Notes, and help you understand how they can used, and more importantly, how they can increase traffic and exposure of your Facebook Fan Page.

A Blog Within Your Fan Page

The Notes component of your Facebook Fan Page is very similar to having a blog embeded into your Fan Page.

With Notes, you can create new postings, people can comment on your those postings, you can update your wall whenever you add a new Note, and people can even subscribe to your Notes RSS Feed!

Importing RSS Feeds

One very powerful way to utilize the Notes component of your Facebook Fan Page is by importing an existing RSS feed – like the one from your blog!

If you write regularly in a blog (like this one), and your blog has an RSS feed (most do), then you can import all of your blog postings directly into your Notes.

This is creating a duplicate posting of your content in your blog, but it’s not something I would be concerned with from an SEO perspective.

I import this blog into my Facebook Fan Page Notes.

The #1 Reason To Utilize Notes

The #1 reason to use Notes in your Facebook Fan Page is because Google crawls and indexes your Notes.

This indexing rate is slow – which means it can takes several weeks for your Notes to show up in Google, but they will eventually show up in the search results.

And even though the Notes are duplicates of your blog postings (if you’re importing your RSS feed), the title to the Notes will link directly to your Facebook Fan Page.

So because Google crawls, indexes, and displays Notes in the search results, you can dramatically increase traffic and exposure to your Facebook Fan Page from people who are actively searching for your type of content.

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