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The $1000 iPhone App – actually it’s only $999.99

ivip-iphone-app-6$1000 iPhone App

It’s the American Express equivalent for the iPhone.

If you have an extra $1000 laying around, you can go ahead and buy iVIP.

Buy it or read about more it on iTunes

If you’re not familiar with iVIP Black, it’s a brand new $1000 iPhone app that provides access to privileges and benefits across a range of luxury partners including private islands, a concierge, supercar club, private jets, theatres, members’ clubs, butlers and more.

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From the iVIP Marketing Director:

“It is great to know that there are still people out there with money to spend at a time when we are in the grip of recession”, says iVIP Black marketing director Matthew Rowe in a statement today.

Even if you did have an extra $1000 laying around, you won’t be able to buy it unless you were a “verified”┬ámillionaire.

The $1000 iPhone App has already reached double digit downloads, which tells you that people are willing to spend this kind of money on an app, and also that millionaires really dig their iPhones.

iVIP has a certification process you must go through to verify you are in fact a millionaire – then, and only then, could you proceed with your purchase.

Here’s a list of benefits iVIP delivers:

  • Limited edition iVIP Black iPhone, each individually numbered
  • Access to all existing iVIP privileges
  • Access to New York and London Penthouses
  • Access to private islands
  • iVIP racehorse ownership
  • Bespoke designer exclusives
  • Priority access to luxury brands
  • Personal branding services
  • Entourage services
  • Unlimited personalisation

But don’t worry if the $1000 price tag is a bit too much for you because there’s an economy version of the iVIP called iVIP BLUE, and it only costs $499.99.

Here’s a series of photos for you to feast your eyes upon:

ivip-iphone-app ivip-iphone-app-2 ivip-iphone-app-3 ivip-iphone-app-4 ivip-iphone-app-5

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