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How Will People Find My Facebook Fan Page?

word-of-mouth-marketingExposing Your Facebook Page

How will people find my Facebook Fan Page?

This is a great question, and one I’m asked frequently.  After all, most new Fan Page owners have a hard enough time finding it themselves, let alone getting others to find it.

Understanding Viral Exposure

I believe that with Facebook Fan Pages, the entire paradigm of marketing is flipped upside down.

Previously, the way you “advertise” is by purchasing exposure – newspapers, billboards, and even Google Adwords.  However, a Facebook Fan Page is 100% free.  Also, it wasn’t until recently that Google even started crawling and indexing Facebook Fan Pages.

So how does a Facebook Fan Page, a page that’s designed to promote your business, get “marketing” exposure if it’s free and not easily found in Google?

Here’s the answer in two simple words:  Viral Marketing”

Viral marketing is defined simply by your message spreading, or your brand and reputation growing, by word of mouth.

The key element here is “word of mouth“.  The more people are willing to voluntarily talk about you, the more exposure your brand will get.

With a Facebook Fan Page, everytime one of your “fans” gives a thumbs up, comments, starts a discussion, or shares media, they are exposing your Fan Page to all of their friends on Facebook (the friends from their personal Facebook profile).

So if I visit your Facebook Fan Page and add a comment to one of your updates, then I’ve in essence given a “thumbs up” to your Fan Page.

I’ve told my family, friends, and personal network that I have visited your page, and was influenced enough to interact with it.

Now, your personal friends, families, and professional networks on your Facebook profile will be updated about your comment and may be influenced to visit your Facebook Fan Page.

Viral Marketing Power

Your Facebook Fan Page will grow in exposure, fans, and influence the sooner you get a large audience of people to interact with your page.

Let’s say, for example, you had 200 fans on your Facebook Fan Page.  You posted a helpful update and 2 people posted a comment.

Now let’s say that these 2 people had 100 fans each.  As soon as these 2 people posted their comments, your Facebook Fan Page will instantly exposed to 202 people on their Facebook profile – the 2 who commented, plus the 100 friends each.

Add only 2 more people commenting or interacting with your page – which takes to number to 4 people, then your Facebook Fan Page is now exposed to 400 people!

The Take A Way

So viral marketing is, in my honest opinion, the single best marketing tool you have to helping people find your Facebook Fan Page.

The only challenge you’re left with is finding the time, and establishing the daily habit of updating your Facebook Fan Page on a regular basis.

Again, the more fans you have will be  directly reflection of the activity (or lack thereof) that occurs on your Fan Page.

The more fans you have, the more likely you are have get more people to interact on your Fan Page by commenting, giving a thumbs up, etc…

And especially if you’re providing high quality content (valuable and helpful information) from your Facebook Fan Page.

But more than anything, it’s about increasing the number of true “fans” to your Fan Page.

The more your fans interact with your Fan Page, the more they are marketing, exposing, and referring your Facebook Fan Page to others!humbs up, and more.

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