The Browser War Is About To Strike Europe

browser-warsI didn’t realize this, but Europeans apparently have been stuck using Internet Explorer as their main browser for Internet access.  Wow, this made me realize (and thankful) for how fortunate I am living here in the United States where I can freely chose my own browser!

And yes, let me assure you that my first browser of choice is not Internet Explorer.  I would say that I use Firefox moreso for optimization and development purposes, and I use Chrome for pure browsing speed!

I probably, if stats could speak, use Chrome more than any other browser

Google’s European Public Policy Blog today announced that the European Union might soon be allowing over 100 million Internet users to chose their own browser.

Can you image being forced to use only Internet Explorer?  What a terrible world that must be!  The poor Europeans must be continually bogged down with viruses, crammed cache’s, and stalling browsers on a regular basis.

Here’s more from Google’s European Public Policy Blog:

“The European Commission today announced an important decision designed to inject more competition into the crucial market for Internet browsers. Under the Commission decision, more than 100 million Europeans will soon receive an opportunity to download a new browser. On both new and old computers that run Internet Explorer, a ballot screen will pop up on their computers displaying icons of the major browser makers and allowing them to choose among them with a simple click.”

Of course, Google is seriously going to start ramping up the education initiative to promote the lighting fast Google Chrome browser.  I personally believe that Chrome is, without a doubt, the fast browser available.  Especially if you’re a very predictable browser – meaning, you visit a narrow range of websites each day.

The cool thing about Chrome is that it will start cacheing these sites for you, and when you click to open them, it will be near instantaneous load time.

Stay tuned as I will definitely be tracking how the new browser war will unfold in the European Union.  Not sure who will win (probably Google), but I can definitely predict right now it WON’T be Internet Explorer!

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