The New Google Docs – Upload Any File Type With More File Size

google docs logoThe evolution of Google Docs has been unprecedented.  Prior to today, you were limited the file types that you could upload, the size of the files were maxed at 500kb (1/2 MB), and because of these restrictions, a lot users were not able to upload and share images.

Google Docs just announced today that they are revamping their Docs system so as to allow any and all types of files to be stored in Google Docs.  Along with being able to store any types of files, the max space per Docs user has been increased as well.

You get 1 GB of storage per user, and you can upload files up to 250 MB in size at a time.

WOW – 1GB of storage and up to 250MB file sizes at a time.  This is quite impressive compared to what Google Docs was offering before.

In the coming months, Google will enable Google Apps Premier Edition customers to purchase additional storage for $3.50/GB/yr (or €3.00/gb/yr in the EU). If you’d like to be notified when additional storage can be purchased, please fill out this form and Google will contact you as soon as it’s available.

Read more about the new Google Docs storage capacity at the Official Google Enterprise Blog.

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