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Want To Completely Vanish From Twitter & Facebook? Here’s How…

disappearIf you are interested at all in completely vanishing from Twitter and Facebook, in essence being put to death from social media, now is your chance.  The Internet startup Web 2.0 Suicide Machine, has an amazing service that will 100% purge (completely erase) your online presence from all social networks.

If you cancel your accounts with Twitter and Facebook, your profiles are deleted.  However, just because your profiles are gone doesn’t mean your data isn’t still in their servers.  Most of the time, your data will never been fully removed from social media servers even if you do delete your account.

But that’s where Web 2.0 Suicide Machine comes in.  This service will actually purge your data from the servers of Facebook and Twitter – deleting your information for good.

Of course, the social media sites aren’t too happy about such services.  Facebook has actually sent a cease and desist letter to the company.  But they continue doing to their work, and customers are lining up in droves.

Since its Dec. 19 launch, Suicide Machine has assisted more than 1,000 virtual deaths, severing more than 80,500 friendships on Facebook and removing some 276,000 tweets from Twitter.

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Once you hand over your log-in details and click Commit, the program will methodically delete your info — Twitter tweets, MySpace contacts, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections — much like users could do manually. What remains is a brittle cyberskeleton: a profile with no data. Users seem to love it. Testimonials range from joyous farewells (“Goodbye, cruel world!”) to good-riddance denouements (“Thank you, microblogging. You are, in fact, totally useless”). Suicide Machine is so popular that thousands of people are waiting their turn for their own cyberoffing. “Our server is so busy handling the requests,” says Suicide Machine co-creator Walter Langelaar.

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