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** WARNING ** Facebook Photo Comments App Is SPAM

facebook spam marketingI was just checking out my new notifications (the notifications box in the lower right hand corner), and one of the notifications was that a friend of mine on Facebook had left a comment on one of my photos.  When I click on the notification, I was taken to a page that wanted me to install a “Facebook Photo Comment App”.


You are able to view comments that people leave on your photos in Facebook as a normal Facebook protocol – there are apps that need to be installed.

The Photo Comment App on Facebook, if you do actually install it (which I accidentally did) – will give you a really freaky looking clown image, and then try to entice you to continue with the installation – and the app also makes reference to porn, and otherwise adult oriented pictures.

An app of this nature is bad news for your Facebook profile and your computer.  It would more than likely install corrupt cookies on your computer, and who knows what type of content would be sent out to tall of your friends on Facebook.

So do not install the Photo Comment App on Facebook – you can view the comments people make on your photos without any apps needing to be installed.

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I received a similar notification from an app called Photaos. I suspect it is also spam/virus. Darn these people!

Hi there Gardenwife – thanks for the additional update! We need to look out for each other on Facebook…

Hi Felish – you simply remove it from your applications:

Hold your mouse over "Settings" in the upper right hand (make sure you are logged into Facebook)

While holding your mouse over "Settings", a drop down menu will appear

Click "Applications Settings"

Scroll through your list of apps and find the "Facebook Photo" or maybe it's called "Photo App" – anyway, it will be an app in the list that references your photos.

Then click the "x" that is to the far right and that will remove the app from your Facebook profile.

That's it – you are now clean from the malicious app!

Felish, what I've told people to do is first go to Settings > Application Settings. Then, look at the list of applications. If you see Photo Comments listed, click the X to its right and confirm you want to remove it. You can also click the drop-down next to "show:" and filter apps that way, just to see what all you've authorized. It pays to look there every so often and make sure everything's kosher. Then, clear your browser's cookies. Make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date, too.

I don't think Norton can resolve this issue – I think Facebook will have to eventually remove the app from their servers.

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