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Wanna Talk To Sombody, Anybody? Try “”

boredI’ve always said that web is all about generating connections.  In fact, Google organizes their index, which is in essence the entire relevant web, through links – and these links are measure in “connections”! Anyway.. I digress (quickly)!

So let’s say you are wanting to share some thoughts, get something off your chest, or find someone, anyone, to talk to.  Well now you can at

I logged in via Facebook Connect and found an endless supply of people asking questions, looking for things, trying to get a date, wanting advice, and a whole list of other random human needs.  The site seems to be something that you could get into if you like random conversations on the web.  But to me, the site seems like an elaborate chat room.

When it comes to something like crowd-sourcing on the web – mass collaboration from large groups of people in come to conclusions or find solutions – I found Twitter to be the best resource for this.

The next time you have a question, want, or need that you are having a hard time finding a solution for, try sending your request out to your Twitter followers.  I think you’d be amazed at how quickly the crowd-sourcing power of Twitter will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

I heard once that a speaker forgot his pen at an event.  So he tweeted that he needed a pen, and within 5 minutes, somebody brought him a pen.  All of which unfolded on Twitter.

So anyway, check out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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