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Facebook Running Slow? Remove the “Unnamed App”

facebookIs your Facebook running slow?  Or do you wish you could speed up Facebook while you are using it?  Here’s what people are doing to see huge increases in speed on Facebook, especially from those who are using dial up connection.  Thanks so much to Douglas Southall Freedom for the tip.

1) Go to “Settings” (upper right hand corner of your Facebook page

2) Select “Application Settings” from the drop down menu

3) Change the “Recent” dropdown box (top right side) to “Added to Profile”.

4) Look for an app called “UnNamed App” and delete it

This is an internal spybot that is automatically added to Facebook profiles.

According to Jackie Estes Pritchett, it is NOT a virus or spyware, it is your “Boxes” tab, and Facebook is going to be getting rid of it soon

Test it yourself.  Delete the “unknown app”, then check your profile page.

Let me know if you see an increase in speed!

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If Facebook is still running slow for you then perhaps try clearing your cache on your computer.

Let me know how it goes and thanks again…

I removed some Apps I don't use anymore and Facebook is running noticably faster. Now it takes only days instead of weeks for it to load. :o

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