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Facebook Temporarily Unavailable Due To Site Maintenance

facebook unavailableFacebook seems to be having issues tonight with a lot of users accounts.  I’ve been notified by some people that when they login to Facebook, and attempt to go to their Facebook profile, they get the following message:

~ Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. ~

With this problem affecting a lot users on Facebook, I’m guessing that Facebook is performing server maintenance.  However, there could just isolated technical problems as well.

Is anyone else experiencing Facebook problems tonight?

Has anyone figured out a way to resolve this error message and login successfully to their Facebook profile?

Let us know in the comments!

99 replies on “Facebook Temporarily Unavailable Due To Site Maintenance”

I’ve been getting that same error message from Facebook since around 4pm this afternoon :( I tried deleting cookies, cache, history, etc and nothing seems to help so far.

I've not been able to get on since sat am… i did all the above as well and that did not work… this is frustrating

I got it Sat Too…now I see my photo has reapeared in my list ( I have two FaceBook accounts ) and my posts have come back on the groups I run .But when I click on the name it says I'm Unavable & will be back soon !!……So i'm halfway back !!
This sucks….FB needs more computers so this doesn't happen again.
It's been over 24 hours now !!!

Been down for over 24 hours now, people think i'm blocking them from my page – but i can access the damn thing from my blackberry. Total rubbish.

I have also been down over 24 hours. I could still log in via facebook mobile, and I could everyone's status updates, but my comments and posts seemed to go nowhere. The lack of info about this issue from facebook is criminal.

I started having probelms saturday as well, I ve sent several e mails to facebook but theres no technical support # and they re not responding back to even help with the trouble shooting !!!! thanks facebook for nothing

I started having probelms saturday as well, I ve sent several e mails to facebook but theres no technical support # and they re not responding back to even help with the trouble shooting !!!! thanks facebook for nothing

Hi Rob – thanks for letting us know. Did you do anything special to get Facebook back, or did it just all of a sudden appear?

It just came back ! I tried my cell phone & cleaning and all the other things people posted. I even tried facebook lite…but nothing worked…..then it just came back. It as out for around 34 hours total.

My account has been out since last night around 9 p.m. EST due to "Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience." When I logged in this morning under a different user name, my main account (the one that is not available) shows up as being unavailable on Facebook. Did I do something wrong? Has my account been hacked? I have written Facebook's "hacked" team and to We'll see what transpires, but from what I've read, I'm nervous that it's going to a long wait and without any communication from Facebook. I guess when you're the only one in town, and free, you can do those sorts of things. We get what we pay for. :)

Terri, my account is still down from around the same time last night. It's very frustrating to say the least! My husband and two sons can all log in, but I can't.

who do you have for e-mail? I have comcast and my children can access their accounts, as can my husband and mom, but I have my account registered under my comcast address. So I was wondering if there was a conflict with that – but I can't get in. Mine may have been down last night by 9 or so – but when I noticed was this morning at 4:45 am I tried to get on and it said site maintenance – try again in a few minutes. Around 7 am my message became a few hours. So 10 hours and counting so far! It stinks.

This just started to happen to me today! It's so weird, because I was at my college lab and I saw that everyone else was on Facebook besides me! D:

I've not been able to log in for almost 24 hours! I can't play my game which some of them I have paid for extras!! WTH up with this

I haven't been able to log in for 20 hours now . Message says they are performing maintenance…. This is crap!! all of my farms are ruined….. Yet all of my friends and family are able to log on…. what's going on people?

Today I received a message that my profile was unavailable because of site maintenance. I was logged in at the time! It's been almost 4 hours and I haven't been able to get back in. I'm upset to see that this may last 24 hours or more. Why don't they just say that it will be down that long instead of saying a few hours.

I have pages to update for my company. This isn't good.

I’ve been unable to login since this morning! It’s very frustrating. Facebook should hurry and fix the problem.

It's the 4th time in the past week that I've gotten this message, this is ridiculous. The last 3 times I could log back in after a few hours.

I logged into facebook this morning just fine! Now – 00:34 a.m. (Greece time) -14 hours later I'm getting the same message as all of you. Facebook lite isn't working either. For certain people it is their work tool, for others a way to keep in touch…whatever the case…I wish there was someone who could explain to us what EXACTLY is going on.

I logged into facebook this morning just fine! Now – 00:34 a.m. (Greece time) -14 hours later I'm getting the same message as all of you. Facebook lite isn't working either. For certain people it is their work tool, for others a way to keep in touch…whatever the case…I wish there was someone who could explain to us what EXACTLY is going on.

I have the same problem, it started yesterday around 17:30 pm. I have been reading a lot of threads reg this issue and one thing I have noticed is that most of the comments/replies came from wives. I don’t know if it has something to do with the status or anything. Anyway nevermind. I just hope that this will be fixed and that we still have our facebook accounts.

My facebook account is up an running again. My account was down for a total of 24hrs. I reported it to their email team on this email address so i think they did action on it. Try to report yours I hope this helps.

Every other day my page in down for site maintenance…eventually comes back. This is very frustrating and I wonder how much of it is due to the new format?

I am having the same problem too (2.30am 3-23-10)… how rude :) I wonder if they are screening accounts or something.. Its definately not a maint. thing if others can get on when i cant. Hope someone can find a fix!

just got this message right about 5 minutes ago lol.
I was on my account but then I clicked on one of my friend’s accounts & the page refreshed and I got this message. LOL I thought I was banned or something but I researched this & it said on Facebook that I will be able to get back on my account after the maintenance finishes.
Just “a few hours” annoys me because I basically sit on Facebook 24/7 Lol


If you get this message while you’re using Google Chrome wait around 5 minutes or so after you get it, then try to log in to Facebook via Mozilla Firefox & see what happens. If that doesn’t work try Facebook Lite, or just wait whenever they finish it

Mine is off – I logged in other my mom's and clicked on me and it said this person's profile is not available – Some of my friends are having the exact problem and when i click on their pages it says the same thing. Facebook was working slow for myself and most friends last night as well.

This is so frustrating.i have been away from facebook for a few days because i was studying just to find that i cannot even log in,my friends probably think i have blocked them and who knows..maybe the have already removed me by now because i have and am still away aaaargh

I have been having this problem all weekend. Has anyone with a problem been able to get back on? If so, how long did it take? Thanks

I can't live without Facebook for even 1 minute!!!!
I'm gonna die without it!!!!!"………

You folks are so ignorant to the world around you…………………….Read a BOOK!!

Crap..Mine is unavailable right now with the same stupid message!
My crops will all rot!! CRAP!!

Damn, mine was the same with that crap maintenance. still waiting? Today, 9th May, 2010. Anyone else with the same problem?

Mine as been unavailable since yesterday…. *sigh* over 24 hours now.. this is the 3rd time for my page…… within a months time….

Me too. I have the same problem. I'm going mad right now! I shouldnt open this particular website. I'm stupid..

this happened to me, but before this, it just said there's no account with my email and password, so i tried to make a new one, but then it said my old one was under site maintenance, so i didn't know what to do. i did all the stuff it said, i cleared all the cookies etc. and it's still not working. it started on 13/05/10 at 7.30pm and now it's 15/05/10 12.55pm and it's still not working. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO FRIGGIN PEEVED!

hey divine, try creating a new account and add one of your current friends. Then go to their page and click on your old profile in their friends list and see if that allows you access to see your page, or at least go to some of your friends pages and get the scoop on who is posting what ….worked for me.

its messed up…i started posting a little trash talk about b.p. and halliburton, and the bush administration….then all the sudden it was like i got kicked off…tried to log back in but out of service for sit main. is this a qawinky dink??

im having problems right now…i was talking to my friend, Arturo on the chat and it said "you are not logged in" and i logged out and i tried logging back in and it had the maintenance message so i cant log in

RIght now – am so sick and tired of the maintenance issues and not being able to get to FB – what is the use of having something that goes down in the middle of the day on a weekend??????it – is there another option????? GRRRRRRR – you would thing the isseus would be scheduled so that users could know and avoid that time, but no….

I've been off Facebook all day because of this, but my colleague opposite me can access it fine! I don't understand! Now scared there's some sort of hacker. Why hasn't there been a statement issued to our emails at least?

Same issue was logged in then I got a message saying you must be logged in to do that. so I attempted to log back in and now it says site maitenance. this is the first time for me that this has happened. so should I just wait and be patient and it will just come back? or what?

dont feel bad i was on there and facebook logged me off while i was in the middle of playing frontierville very upset about this it shouldnt take too long im hoping lol i cant live without facebook

i believe that all these little problems that keep occuring are just facebook carrying out their own surveys without users knowing ! for example this problem doesn't allow the user to access their account for a certian period of time alowing facebook to get a good insight on how users react if they are unable to acess there account WHY ? you may ask. Well simple because eventually facebook would like to make there user pay , buy there facebook account seeing how botherd you are gives them a good idea of how many users are going to be sticking around ie. is it worth making you pay or will they lose to many users , and one more thing i wouldent worry about this problem your account will become accessible just be patient and don't get in touch with facebook.

I try to reset my password, copy and paste the confirmation code.. and guess what… its incorrect!! ughh10 hours already!!

yeah its funny im down right now but my wifes acct is fine we in same room with wireless notebooks same ip address thats just f@@kin messed up they need to get there shit together

My account was unavailable last night, worked ok this morning, and is out again tonight (8/17/10). Frustrating.

Hi I have been receiving this message a lot the past few days. Around 2 hours daily I’m not able to access my profile. Non of my friends, however, had this problem !!

mine just went out, is this a virus? or will my account come back – looks like folks went through this thing awhile back

it appears that my acct is also going through this maintance. I have been logging into my friends account since she has moved and they have not hooked her up . So I have been zoo sitting, I am kinda worried that they think that I have double accts since its from the same isp that I have been logging into since last Weekend.I am not thrilled

So is this legit??? I need my Fb for school immediately and i’m worried that my acct has been hacked…….will i get it back?

:( im having the same problem.

tried to log in and it says the same. Also, facebook worked perfectly fine when i logged on other accounts. Although, when i looked at my profile, it said that my profile was unavailable??? argghhhhhh!!! D:

i woke up and went onto my laptop to log onto fb and it said your acount is temporariy unavalible due to the maintanace.

What do i do??? please help, i really need to getonto my fb and pluss my is comming up so i need it by then :( xx

I have been unable to log into my profile for hours now, this is the first time.

I hardly think it’s “site maintenance”, seems weird that of all the people I know who use Facebook I would be the only one affected. I was also able to create and log into a new profile so I’m not buying any “site maintenance” BS.

In addition to me not being able to log in, my friends can’t view my profile either, because it’s “temporarily unavailable”. I am very suspicious.

i did contact Facebook asking why, let’s see what they say. If they even answer that is. When I asked how come a Private album has a Public link I was duly ignored.

This happens to me everyday, for weeks now, any where from 20mins to 3 days long it will say that, its really pissing me off, I use facebook to set up photoshoots and I cant get the info from the guys I need it from when it does.

My face book account is doing that right now. It says something about it being under maintnence but when i log into my sisters its fine. I used hers to try and veiw my account and it says that my profile is temporarly unavailable. This BLOWS!!! >:(

Guys, could you please stop posting problems and come up with solutions please. We all know it happens to all of us, and some of us on an almost daily basis – FB help page explicitly says not to contact them about this kind of error, so if someone thinks he/she has useful information on how to solve this problem or at least give more insight into it, please post. If not, it’s not necessary to post another identical problem post, thanks.

Facebook at it again. Unable to log in due to site maintenance. BS. Facebook deleted my “disabled” sons account not once but twice. No notice, nothing. Cannot get in touch with them. Ready to move to myspace. Had it with Facebook and their antics. Shove it FB you aren’t worth my time anymore. 11/11/10

Same problem! (first time for me) … cleared my history and still didn’t work. Guess it’s just a waiting game. Sucks.


It may not be necessary for you but, obviously, it’s necessary for the poster(s) to post they’re having issues. Helps to know it’s more than one individual. Besides …. if you can’t log on how would you notify fb about the problem in the first place?

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