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** WARNING ** Do Not Discount Blogging

bloggingI’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about how “blogging is out and Facebook is in“.  Let me make this perfectly clear to anyone who is wanting to achieve more exposure on the web, specifically those who need exposure for their business, products, services, and brands:  blogging is critical to your success on the web!

Certainly, if you read the data and stats from researchers, you’ll find that people are engaging and socializing on Facebook more than they are blogging.  In my opinion, the two comparisons are nonsense to begin with.

If you are a business, or someone who needs exposure on the web, do you think that will happen by interacting with your friends on Facebook?

Let me assure you – it absolutely will not.

Blogging about your business, products, and services is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can control, and directly impact.  The more you blog about yourself, or your business (products, services, brands), the more content their is on the web – and more specifically in Google – that can be found by those who are searching for, and interested in what you offer.

Each new blog post equals a new page of content.  And if that content is built around targeted keyword phrases, as most blogging content is, that page becomes an authoritative page in Google that can very easily be found in the top search results by those searching.  Or your new blog post can just as easily be shared through platforms like StumbleUpon and Digg.

None of this can be achieved with your updates that you send to your friends on Facebook.

And imagine if your business has hundreds of pages of blog posts indexed in Google, all of which contains content built around your business and brand.  This gives you a high amount of leverage and exposure on the web, and allows you to quickly connect to people who are interested in what you offer.

So while I’m a big believer that Facebook can facilitate brand building and connecting to new customers, by no means does this mean that it’s more important than blogging.

I have found that blogging is actually one of the few things that I can directly control.  Having a blog is basically free, and it’s just a matter of putting in your time and effort to make your blog successful.  The good news for you is that most people will never put in hard work blogging about their business.  And I see this as a great opportunity for you, or for anyone who is ready to the hard work.

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