Oprah’s Big Mistake With Drew Brees

drew brees oprahThis video is unbelievable!  I’m actually embarrassed for Oprah making this mistake on national TV.  Oprah has Drew Brees, the New Orlean Saints quarterback who just won the Super Bowl, as a guest on her show.  And when Drew Brees came onto the stage, Oprah have him a hug and then tried to wipe off his birthmark that was on his face (happens at 14 seconds).

Watch Oprah’s embarrassing moment here:

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It was a funny moment! Just shows that not everybody is perfect, even Oprah. It was an honest mistake that my husband immediately picked up but I was on the same page as Oprah. She probably has no time to watch sports.

Hi Maria – I think Oprah handled it quite well… she immediately moved on to something different and brought absolutely no attention to what she'd just done. Oprah is obviously very experienced in being in front of crowd and on TV!

Thanks for the comment

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