Medal Count For 2010 Winter Olympics – {Instant Snapshot}

2010 winter olympic games medal count via googleMedal Count for 2010 Winter Olympics

You can get a quick snapshot of the most recent, up to date medal counts for the 2010 Winter Olympics simply by going to Google and searching various phrases that are related to this year’s Winter Olympics.

Here are some example phrases that will give you an instant snapshot of the current medal count for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Google.

As I said, just go to and search any one of these phrases to trigger the medal count element.  And then try some variations of your own to see if you can get the medal count element to appear:

2 replies on “Medal Count For 2010 Winter Olympics – {Instant Snapshot}”

It looks like this isn't working anymore. They used to have a whole page dedicated to current information about the games, now it seems to be gone.

I just tested out the keyword phrases I mentioned in the post and all of them triggered the Olympic medal count element in Google. Not sure what you are seeing…

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