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Twitter Grew 1105% From Last Year

twitterAccording to worldwide comScore figures released today, Twitter’s own site attracted 73.5 million unique individuals in January, up 8 percent from December, 2009 (when it had 65.2 million visitors).  Its annual growth rate is nothing less than amazing at 1,105 percent. A year ago, attracted only an estimated 6 million visitors.  Anything that grows at a rate of 1105% is staggering, to say the least!

A lot of people try to compare sights like Facebook and Twitter.  However, in my opinion, it’s like comparing apples and oranges.  Twitter IS NOT a social networking site – Facebook is.  Twitter is more about broadcast messaging, crowd-sourcing, and sharing links.  Facebook is more about talking and carrying on with family and friends (Facebook Fan Pages are the exception).

Twitter’s growth rate for a crowd-sourcing platform, as I’ve said already, is nothing less than phenomenal.

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