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How To Use Twitter For Product Reviews

twitter product reviews1There is certainly no shortage of product review sites on the web.  In fact, you could spend practically all day long trying to weave your way through various product review sites about one specific product.  The problem with a lot of product review sites is, however, that the companies can easily hire people to go in and write good reviews.

This obviously can skew the representation on any given business.

Fortunately, there’s a better way!  And the solution is Twitter.

You’ve all heard of Charter Communications right?  So let me use the term “charter cable” as an example of what I’m talking about.

Go to Twitter, click “home” in the upper right hand corner (make sure you are logged into your Twitter account), and type in the phrase “charter cable”.  Make sure you use the quotes around the phrase so that way you will get only the tweets that use the exact phrase charter cable.

Now read through the tweet results that you get.  What you’ll see is everything that people are saying on Twitter, right now, about “charter cable”.

And let me tell you – after reading through the tweet results, it’s not pretty…

But I digress!

The point here is that Twitter can be leveraged on a real time product review resource.

Just go to Twitter (as I explained above) – or as an alternative, go to the actual Twitter search engine at – and type in the company, product, or service you want to get feedback on.

If the company, product, or service you are researching has more than one word in it, make sure you put quotes around the phrase “your search phrase” – this way, you isolate that specific phrase only.  If you don’t put quotes, then your search results will be skewed and inaccurate.

Go try it out, and see what people are saying about the company, product, or service you are researching.

Tell us what you find in the comments below!

Also, let us know if you found Twitter to be a better product review resource than actual product review sites!

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