Microsoft Keeps Crying To Regulators Over Google

steve ballmerWhen is Microsoft going to stop crying about how much Google is dominating the search market, and actually start doing something to legitimately compete?  If Microsoft would stop putting out garbage products that everyone hates, and started caring more about “user friendliness” rather than “control” then maybe they’d gain some true market share.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, Continues Crying To Government Regulators

According to HuffingtonPost, in an appearance Tuesday at a search engine conference in Santa Clara, Ballmer said Microsoft believes Google has done a number of things to gain an unfair advantage in the Internet’s lucrative search advertising market. He didn’t specify the alleged misconduct.

Microsoft already has helped convince U.S. regulators that Google would break antitrust laws in two proposed deals: a search advertising partnership with Yahoo that was scrapped in 2008 and a digital books settlement that still needs court approval.

It’s sort of like the psychological concept of “whatever you feed will grow”.  So long as Microsoft continues focusing their efforts, fear, and obsession with Google, they will never produce products that users will love.


Because their focus is on “Google”, and “beating Google”, or “burying Google” – instead of “how can we create amazing technology that people will love and appreciate.”

Microsoft’s record is dismal, at best.  They are seriously setting a precedence of every new product release being a complete failure.  Yet, all we hear in the news is how Microsoft is filing new complaints against Google; filing new law suits; opening up new “anti-trust” cases against Google.

In my honest opinion, Microsoft is not going to pull itself up out of this slump until a new CEO is in place.

Steve Ballmer has to go – period!

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