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Twitter News: 10 Billion Tweets And Counting

twitter birdTwitter Hits 10 Billionth Tweet

So are you still wondering if Twitter is popular or not? Perhaps with Twitter hitting 10 billion tweets might convince you that it’s just a little bit popular. As a point of comparison, it was only in November of 2008 that the one billionth tweet was posted.  So you’re looking at 9 billions tweets over the past year or so.

As it goes with peoples curiosity, there is now a search going on for the person – and the tweet – that was the 10 billionth update on Twitter.

If you have any information about that, please let us know in the comments below.

Virgin Media Business has also revealed that one in five tweets contains a reference to a product or a brand.  Which means businesses are using Twitter more often to broadcast their products and services.

So how are you using Twitter?  Are you promoting your business, or are you just broadcasting random thoughts?

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