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I’ll Buy The iPad When it Has Wifi & 3G

apple ipad wifi 3gI have been an avid Apple fan for the last two years (thanks Windows Vista) and have purchased just about every Apple product since then. I have lately felt as though Apple has a strategic plan to create products that entice us to buy but not satisfy.

When Apple came out with the iPhone it could have had 3G speed and it could have had the features of its iWork products, but it didn’t. When Apple introduced the Apple TV it could have been linked to iTunes and had a way to provide content, but it didn’t.

Lately I am getting the feeling that Apple only pushes the envelope to the point where it can out perform Microsoft. It then adds features to their products to make sure they stay just in front of Microsoft. A short rant about Windows 7: come on, is a side-by-side windows comparison the best feature an operating system has to brag about? Sorry about that digression.

Apple is an innovator in many things, from their operating system they got from Steve Jobs’ company (not Apple), from the mouse they got from Xerox (not Apple), and more current successes like the iPod, iPhone, and flash memory-based computers like the MacBook Air (which is what I am writing this article on).

What I am leading up to is the iPad. The iPad seems to be a fancy version of the iPhone. I have read many articles on this new technology, which has been delayed for manufacturing problems, and I am very hesitant to jump on the iPad bandwagon. Yes they look cool, but does it do anything different than the other laptops? Yes, but is it worth the cost?

The iPad has many new cool features and the initial release will not have WiFi or 3G capabilities. So why purchase it? I can remember when Apple was berating manufacturers of netbook-type computers, and isn’t that what they have created? It seems as though Apple has a philosophy of saying negative things about the very type product they are creating. So maybe we should just listen to what types of technology Apple is berating and predict what they are working on next.

When the iPad comes in a WiFi and 3G enabled version, let me know. Who is going to buy a computer that cannot connect to the Internet? Let’s all stop jumping on Apple’s bandwagon and only buy the products that are fully developed. The consumers are not here to debug your products. Ask us what we want and let us provide input on future products and stop treating us like Apple groupies.

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Robert Thompson
President, Avant-Garde Education

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