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91% of Americans Use Mobile Phones

91 Percent of Americans are using cell phones

Have ever wondered why Google is so fanatical about dominating the mobile phone market?  I mean, look at the Android operating system.  With Android, Google has done for mobile devices what Bill Gates and Microsoft did for computers by creating a universal operating system that can be used on all devices.

Look no further than the statistics that were just released in Los Angeles by the CTIA who announced the United States has grown higher than ever, with 91 percent of the U.S. population using a mobile phone.

“With wireless connections now equal to more than 91 percent of the U.S. population, mobile broadband is pivotal to ensuring all Americans are ‘digitally literate,'” said CTIA CEO Steve Largent.

91% of all Americans using mobile phones is a staggering number – to say the least.  And with statistics like this showing the growing demand of mobile devices, I would predict that we could see desktop and laptop computers being replaced by mobile devices in the very near future.

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