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Google Releases Search App For Blackberry Storm

google search app blackberry storm 2Google Search App for the Blackberry Storm was released today allowing Blackberry users more search functionality.

Google is staying true to its mission of organizing the world’s data and making that data accessible on every device known to mankind – even those yet unknown.

Today, Google released it’s search application for the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry Storm2 handsets.

Google Search Application for Blackberry Storm

The Google Search Application for the Blackbery Storm handset has the same robust features offered on the iPhone.  Voice search, search history, local search recommendations, touch to call, and Google Maps.

And according to, the new version of the Google search application is specifically tailored for the Storms’ touch screens, providing a much more useful way to search the web.

The Google Search Application is free download for the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry Storm2 devices.

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