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YouTube Launches New Design (Video)

new youtube layoutYouTube launches new page layout and adds comments highlight view and ratings improvements.

First, to experience the new YouTube design and layout, you can check it out here.

People wanted a better experience while surfing videos on YouTube.  And guess what – YouTube responded with a new layout and design.

These new layouts feature comment highlights and ratings improvements.

The comments highlight update allows you to see the highest rated comments first, before all of the other comments.  And the ratings improvement now separates the videos you rated (and also ranks them), from those you favorited – making it easier to keep your videos organized.

Here’s a great highlight video describing the new YouTube experience:

6 replies on “YouTube Launches New Design (Video)”

Hi Robert, my videos are showing up with the new layout and I love it. This was a great tutorial that you included in this post. Thanks for the info!

I wish your video would be featured on the new youtube start page so that users who are not in the know – know. Thank you!

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